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    Welcome to SMT Group

    Galvanizing & Electroplating

    Engineering, Dynamic Balancing & Hi-Chrome Machining

    Fabrication, Manufacturing & Specialised Welding

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    55+ Years Combined Industry Experience

    Comprehensive Supply Chain

    An extensive and diverse service offering.

    Backed by over 50 years combined experience and a comprehensive and reliable supply chain.

    SMT Group
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    Hot Dip Galvanizing & Electroplating

    On-site De-embritteling Treatment

    Specialists in hot dip galvanizing of all types of fasteners, electroplating
    and on-site de-embritteling treatment.

    SMT Group
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    Dynamic Balancing

    Hi-Chrome CNC Machining

    Specialists in dynamic balancing and Hi-Chrome machining.
    Our state of the art, hi-tech workshop is specifically equipped to cater to
    the machining requirements of the mining, foundry and pump industries.

    SMT Group

Our Services

SMT Group collectively offer a comprehensive range of services.
& Electroplating
Engineering, Balancing
& Machining
Manufacturing &
Specialised Welding

SMT Galvanizers & Electroplaters


SMT Galvanizers are specialists in the hot dip galvanizing of all types of fasteners, as well as on-site de-embritteling treatment.

  • hot dip galvanizing of all types of fasteners
  • spinning & dipping
  • on-site de-embritteling
  • sabs certified
  • member of the hot dip galvanizers association


Barrelling of small components, including nuts, bolts and other small components, as well as jigging up to 3.5m in both zinc yellow and zinc blue.

  • electroplating
  • auto-line barrel plating
  • 3.5m jigg plating
  • zinc yellow & blue
  • collection & delivery
  • 24 hour plant

SMT Steel

Engineering, Balancing & Machining

SMT Steel specialises in engineering, dynamic balancings and hi-chrome machining. Our hi-tech workshop is specifically equipped to cater to the machining requirements of the mining, foundry and pump industries. In addition, we also offer thread cutting to required specifications for bolt manufacturing, specialised welding, tooling and special purpose machine building.

  • dynamic balancing
  • hi-chrome machining
  • tooling
  • specialised welding
  • thread cutting for bolt manufacturing
  • fabrication facilities
  • special purpose machine building

SMT Fabrication & Manufacturing

General Fabrication, Manufacturing & Specialised Welding

Our fabrication workshop is equipped for general fabrication and specialised welding requirements with certified welding operators.

  • general fabrication & manufacturing
  • on-site fabrication
  • specialised welding
  • fabrication to custom requirements
  • certified welding operators

Why SMT Group?

We know how much going the extra mile means.
Our Approach

Your Dependable Partner

Our multi-discipline, integrated expertise as a group makes provision for a unique, truly holistic offering, guaranteed to improve overall efficiency, reduce cost and increase your bottom line by minimising multi-vendor procurement.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality Statement

SMT Group is SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) certified and a member of the Hot Dip Galvanizers Association of South Africa.

Socio-Economic Responsibility

BEE Compliant Contributor

SMT Group is a BEE compliant contributor as per the Codes of Good Practice of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. Consequently, all members of staff are required at all times to be respectful, supportive and professional.